Monday, March 15, 2010

Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms can make you feel like you’re in a rut, or that you’re going nowhere in life. Sunset Malibu is filled with highly trained experts who recognize the symptoms of clinical depression and can help you overcome them. Like other mental illness, depression isn’t always easy to pin down. Not everyone suffers exactly the same way. The worse depression symptoms for one person might not even manifest for another. One person who’s severely depressed might cry all day. Another severely depressed person might not be able to cry at all. There’s really no rhyme or reason to how depression affects different people.

And just like there’s no exact pattern of depression symptoms between different people, there’s not just one treatment, either. There is medication available that can help. Some people take a variety of pills including antidepressants to try to get some relief from their symptoms. But other therapies should never be overlooked. Some people will respond better to talking and counseling only once the medication makes them feel better. Other people find hope immediately just by having someone to talk to about their feelings. You don’t know how each treatment is going to affect your depression symptoms until you try. And you can’t try until you call Sunset Malibu to find out about how we can help you. Your depression probably tells you not to bother because nothing will ever get better. But that’s the mental illness talking and it’s not true.

Most people today are familiar with the basic depression symptoms. Thanks to ads on television about mental disorders and antidepressants, most people know a little about serious depression. Common symptoms like sadness and feelings of despair are well known. Of course, sadness and mild depression are things most of us have to deal with. But clinical depression occurs when the feelings won’t lift no matter what happens. They usually get much worse over time. Untreated depression symptoms can get so severe that there’s not much hope of a normal life. When the symptoms go beyond the basics, a person can lose all interest in the things that normally matter to them. This can include people, hobbies and jobs. A person might suddenly not care if friendships fail or if relationships end. He might miss a lot of work because it no longer matters. Even fun hobbies can lose their appeal.

Some of the surprising depression symptoms include things like unrelenting pain. Not many people realize that a sign of depression can be body aches and pains. It could be surprising because many people still believe that depression is “in the head” and not a physical as well as a mental disorder. But at Sunset Malibu, we’re a treatment center that understands the physical causes and symptoms of depression. While certain environmental factors can cause depression, usually there are physical factors, too. When certain chemicals in the brain aren’t absorbed properly, severe depression can occur. It’s certainly not in your imagination or “in your head.” You need to recover in a facility where the staff know that depression is not your fault. Call Sunset Malibu today at 1-800-332-9202 to experience our depression symptoms program for yourself.
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