Monday, June 7, 2010

Feel Healthy Again

'If you have an eating disorder, seek out treatment simply
because you want to be able to eat on a normal schedule
again. Seek out treatment because you want to feel healthy
again, and want to make sure that you are doing everything
you can for your body.

This can lead to the worsening of the eating disorder, which
can lead to major issues. There are multiple serious issues
that many ignore, simply because they have yet to deal with
them, or the person that they know is not dealing with them.

This is where eating disorder
comes in. A facility like Sunset Malibu aims
to help those who are having eating disorders, and aims to
help them in an individual way. Each situation is going to
be unique and different; the only way to make sure that
everyone has the best chance of being successful is to
tailor the treatment to them...(more)'

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