Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sad to Understanding

Hello My name is Noelle and i requested to write a story on this blog that is about my life and what i went through when my mom was diagnosed with depression as well as myself.
When someone in the family is depressed, the whole family is affected. Depression is a strong silent disease that sucks the energy and joy out of a person's life. It is important to get the individual into treatment and be sensitive and empathetic during their treatment.

Growing up was not exactly the greatest time of my life...watching my mom suffer from sadness that i didn't understand really hurt and tore my family apart. She went to doctors, took medication but it just never helped. When i became 16 i realized that what i felt was not "right" or "normal". I spoke with the counselor at my school who then suggested that i go to a doctor and get put on anti depressants. After watching my mom take all those medications that changed not only her attitude but who she was, i told myself i was not going to take those. A cloudy, not really there type of person is not who i was nor who i was going to be. I decided that things needed to change...that i needed to change! I research online rehabilitation centers and saw that depression is a common disease now days. I spoke with a counselor who arranged with me to stay at the facility. It has been 10 years since i have been out depression rehab and i must say these 10 years have been the best ever!I have learned how to handle my depression and live MY life! I had talked my mother about seeking this help and she has been off medication for 5 years. Life is about laughter, love, exploring so many things not sadness, anger, and hurt. I wanted to say thank you to the staff who helped me become who i have always been :) Thank you for letting me post my story.

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