Monday, May 24, 2010

Dual Diagnosis and Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs

'...Sunset Malibu's caregivers are widely hailed as leading figures in the field. No less importantly, Sunset's elegant inpatient alcohol rehab facility offers residents an ideal setting for recovery. Sunset's clinical competence and unique atmosphere have prompted upscale clients from all over the world to seek the center's care. With their latest initiative, Sunset's administrators hope to provide even better service to their patients...' (Specialized Recovery Within Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs)

You may be struggling with more than alcoholism alone. If you have received a dual diagnosis, that means that you are fighting two conditions at once. For instance, alcoholism and depression often go hand in hand. We are licensed to treat dual diagnoses, including those that consist of two addictions or an addiction and a behavioral disorder. Sleeping disorders, eating disorders, and other problems can be closely linked to your alcohol addiction and must be addressed in the proper manner. You must be treated for both problems during inpatient alcohol rehab.

You have two choices before you today. In one scenario, you can ignore your problem or try to fight it alone. In the other scenario, you will be given every advantage as you enter inpatient alcohol rehab.

The choice set before you today is clear: Sunset Malibu gives you the best chance of winning the fight against alcoholism. Isn’t that ultimately the most important consideration of all when looking at inpatient alcohol rehab?

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