Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking Control Of Your Drug Abuse

'...Complacency isn't conducive to success in drug abuse treatment or any other field. Unfortunately, many of the most well-known drug abuse centers in Los Angeles fail to actively evaluate and improve their methods from year to year. The result, of course, is that those facilities provide clients with an drug abuse treatment program based on obsolete treatment practices-which can spell disaster for those clients and the people who care about them.

Sunset administrators, on the other hand, stand firm in their conviction that such failures are absolutely inexcusable...' (Health and Wellness News)

Those clients who complete all three levels of our program have the highest success rates in the industry. Each level usually takes 30 days. However, how long you stay at each level depends entirely on your progress. The three levels of care are:

Step 1: Primary Treatment - This includes private screenings with your personal recovery coach, individual therapy and several daily sessions where you are able to interact with your fellow residents. Off-site events, such as 12-step meetings, family visits and planned activities are also included.

Step 2: Secondary Treatment - Less structured than Primary treatment, this phase allows you to leave the facility on your own to attend meetings and visit family.

Step 3: Continued Treatment - This level truly prepares you for returning to the outside world. You will live in a nearby facility with other residents at the same point in their recovery. You will maintain a therapeutic relationship with your assigned clinician, but the emphasis will be on relapse prevention, goal orientation, and motivation to move on with your new found sobriety. You will also gradually return to your regular life: family, school, work. You will leave Sunset Malibu with all the tools you need for long-term recovery.

Choosing the right rehab center is vital. It can mean the difference between frustration and finally breaking free - and getting back your life. The first step toward recovery is finding out if SunsetMalibu is right for you.

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