Monday, January 11, 2010

Depression Treatment for Real People

I recently ran into an old high school friend of mine. She and I had been the best of friends, always having a great time. She always had a smile on her face. I saw the same smile on her face but it no longer reached her eyes. We talked for several hours over coffee that day.
She told me about everything going on in her life, her boyfriend left her with a son so as a single mom she was struggling, she was also stuck in a job that made her miserable. She said that her son was the light of her life and she was doing everything she could for him, but some days she had a hard time talking herself into getting out of bed.
I encouraged her to continue with her story, she told that after a recent yearly check up with her doctor he had suggested Depression Treatment. I agreed with the idea. It was clear that she was not the same happy person I remembered those years ago. She seemed surprised that I was so quick to agree.
She didn't think the doctor was right, that she was just so tired from work and school and keeping up with her 6 year old son. I asked her what plan of action she had decided on. She had no idea where to start especially since she was in denial that it was a real problem for her at all.
Most cases of depression go untreated because the patient is in denial about its existence. So we decided to look into it together while at the coffee shop, we discussed several Depression Treatment Centers, all the different approaches to getting help, and which path provided the least resistance for her.
She seemed relieved to have someone to talk to about the issue. After looking through several websites and reading about a dozen articles we decided on a plan of action that best suited her needs and situation and found her a Depression Treatment Center not far from where she worked and lived called Sunset Malibu. We are also keeping in contact via email, I am her personal support system through this ordeal.

When we parted for the day,I could see that her smile was getting back to her eyes, and I could see that she had already begun her healing process.

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